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Environmental Planning and Early Project Involvement

Wondering about integrating enviromental management systems or energy monitoring systems into your facility? MnTAP can help you determine what system might be most beneficial and how to use the data stemming from that system.

MnTAP can help walk your facility through the process for pollution prevention planning, Environmental Management Systems (EMS) integration, and ISO certification. We can assist in your facility’s project planning for expansions, relocations, new product lines and process upgrades. MnTAP staff members can help you set goals, plan projects, and implement changes in your facility that increase efficiency and reduce waste and energy.

What to Expect

When you are thinking about making changes or beginning new projects in your facility, contact MnTAP. We will provide you with the resources and material needed to begin the planning and help you set goals for what you want accomplished. We like to be involved in your project from the beginning to help you choose environmentally-friendly choices such as powder coating over liquid coating lines or low- or no phosphorus conversion coatings. We can also provide guidance on what equipment may consume less energy and create less waste. For instance, we can help you determine what size motors or fans your project may need to eliminate over-sizing those pieces of equipment and wasting energy.

Company Benefits

Creating an environmental plan for your facility may help you make many business decisions in the future. If you create pollution prevention or energy efficiency plan, you can then refer to that when making process, procedure, or equipment changes to ensure those changes fit within your company’s plan. This type of plan can also help you stay on track with your environmental and cost saving goals. Also, involving MnTAP in early project planning can provide you with access to an engineer or scientist with extensive experience in your industry and with addressing pollution prevention and energy efficiency opportunities.

Example: Pollution Prevention Planning

The Minnesota Guide to Pollution Prevention Planning has been developed by MnTAP and MPCA to help companies comply with the Minnesota Toxic Pollution Prevention Act. The Guide provides a step-by-step process for identifying waste in your facility and forming a pollution prevention plan to address those wastes. How your company prepares its P2 plan will be related to your culture and the way you implement major projects.









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