University of Minnesota
Minnesota Technical Assistance Program

Customized Research

MnTAP has access to the University of Minnesota libararies as well as a number of technical documents and resources. We can help you research new products, contamination points, or other questions you might have.

MnTAP staff members may have encountered problems similar to yours. Our library houses over 4,000 publications for staff reference. Those publications are often referred to during phone calls, site visits, or other assistance methods. However, when new questions are posed, MnTAP staff members often conduct customized research to find answers. Staff members have access to the University of Minnesota resources, as well as connections to industry experts across the country to help you with your question.

What to Expect

The need for customized research typically stems from telephone assistance or a site visit to your facility. If your facility is stumped and MnTAP does not have an immediate recommendation, we will research your facility’s waste or energy-related problem to find possible solutions. Once a recommendation or answer has been researched, we will provide you that information and then follow-up to determine if more assistance is needed.

Company Benefits

Using technical expertise and industry resources, we can research your hard-to-answer questions. MnTAP’s research provides your facility with solutions that are customized, current, and compliant with industry standards.

Example: Phosphorus Management Planning

A local government needed to reduce phosphorus and create a Phosphorus Management Plan for their city. MnTAP researched local manufacturer directories and other resources to determine potential sources of phosphorus within the city. MnTAP staff members conducted site visits to many of these manufacturers to research ways to reduce and manage phosphorus in each facility. Through MnTAP’s research, the city gained the information they needed to create their Phosphorus Management Plan.











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