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Minnesota Technical Assistance Program

Information Resources and Workshops

Many of MnTAP staff members routinely present pollution prevention and energy efficiency information and success stories to a variety of audiences. Check out our bios to determine who might be able to best meet your audience's needs.

MnTAP information resources provide tools and references for reducing waste and energy in your facility. Whether you are looking for more efficient cleaning equipment or examples of how manufacturers are reducing their air emissions, MnTAP’s resources can help your facility. The MnTAP library houses over 4,000 publications. We can offer your facility over 150 technical publications including fact sheets, vendor reference lists, and case studies. MnTAP also publishes a free newsletter, Source, which highlights new technologies, updates on industry pollution prevention and energy efficiency opportunities, Materials Exchange Program updates, and examples of waste-reduction efforts of businesses throughout Minnesota.

MnTAP can work with your company or trade association to develop an industry-specific presentation or workshop. Also, you can attend one of our workshops or conferences to learn more about reducing waste. Our upcoming workshops and events are listed on the MnTAP calendar.

Company Benefits

Your company can benefit from MnTAP informational resources and workshops in a number of ways:

  • MnTAP fact sheets and reference lists provide you with industry information on waste and energy reduction opportunities
  • Case studies and intern summaries highlight waste or energy reduction efforts that can be applied to your facility
  • Workshops offer hands-on training and education opportunities to your employees

Example: DOE Training Workshops

MnTAP offers DOE training workshops, delivered by DOE-qualified specialists, in various locations throughout Minnesota. These workshops cover energy efficiency information for facilities and include details about compressed air systems, steam systems, and motors and fans.











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