University of Minnesota
Minnesota Technical Assistance Program

Site Visits

A MnTAP staff member can visit your facility to gain a better understanding of your processes and to identify opportunities for improving efficiency and reducing waste.

When solving waste and energy issues at your facility requires more than a phone call or reference material, you may benefit from a site visit. Site visits allow MnTAP staff members to gain a better understanding of your facility’s processes in order to identify strategies for improving efficiency and reducing waste and energy.

MnTAP staff members can address the following waste and energy reduction opportunities in your facility:

  • Water use & wastewater
  • Solid & hazardous waste
  • Air emissions
  • Packaging
  • Raw material use
  • Process energy
  • Pump & fan efficiency
  • Steam systems
  • Compressed air
  • Motor efficiency

What to Expect

Prior to the visit, we may contact you for information regarding energy or material use; this will help us customize our recommendations and provide you with more realistic cost savings estimates. A MnTAP scientist or engineer will walk through your facility with you to identify processes, procedures, or products that are generating waste, are toxic to the environment, or might be using resources inefficiently. A follow-up site visit letter will present recommendations for improving efficiency and reducing waste in your facility. From time to time, a MnTAP staff member will call you to find out if any recommendations have been implemented or if you need additional assistance.


MnTAP fully respects a company's need to protect its sensitive, proprietary, or confidential information. Confidentiality Statement.

Company Benefits

Your facility can benefit from a MnTAP site visit by learning more about waste reduction and energy efficiency opportunities specific for your operations.  Once implemented, these customized solutions can result in lessening your facility’s environmental impact while saving money. Site visits can also lead to further assistance through MnTAP intern projects, grant and loan opportunities, Governor’s Awards possibilities, and team formation.


Ver-tech Labs in Rockford, Minnesota, manufactures a wide variety of heavy duty cleaners, degreasers, and brighteners. In 2007, the City of Rockford asked Ver-tech to reduce phosphorus and biological oxygen demand (BOD) in the facility’s wastewater discharge. To help Ver-tech identify opportunities, MnTAP conducted a site visit to the facility and made a number of recommendations. By engaging Ver-tech employees and working with Rockford, the company has implemented some changes and reduced the amount of phosphorus and organic loading leaving the facility. The site visit and subsequent implementation has resulted in a reduction of 8,650 lbs per year of phosphorus discharge to the City. Additionally, the company has reduced the BOD and total suspended solids (TSS) loading by over 15,000 lbs per year. Overall, Ver-tech has saved $100,000 in costs associated with the avoided purchase of chemicals and discharge to the treatment facility.

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