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The Path to Green: Twelve Tips to Get Started

We often get questions about how to help businesses “go green.” The twelve tips in these Web pages will help you think about what going green means for your facility. We address issues like water conservation, energy efficiency, smart use of resources, purchasing practices, and Lean, among others.

  1. Reduce waste and emissions
  2. Reuse and recover
  3. Conserve water
  4. Increase energy efficiency
  5. Incorporate Lean methods
  6. Implement environmentally preferable purchasing practices
  7. Green your supply chain
  8. Analyze your carbon footprint
  9. Use smart transportation
  10. Investigate LEED—Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
  11. Use renewable energy
  12. Engage in community environmental education

This is not meant to be inclusive, but rather get you thinking about making changes within your facility. Each link takes you to a page with more information about the topic, company examples, and resources for more information.

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Apply to MnTAP Intern Program

MnTAP is seeking host companies and students for our summer intern program. Projects focus on waste reduction, water conservation, and energy efficiency at companies in Minnesota. Businesses, click here to apply; Students, click here to apply.

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