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Many businesses are realizing the dual benefits of going green: lower operating costs and improved environmental impact.

MnTAP can help you reduce your environmental footprint while saving money. Our scientists and engineers are able to work with businesses within many manufacturing and service industries. Our site visits, intern program, team facilitation expertise, and other services can help you identify opportunities to cut costs through pollution prevention and energy efficiency practices.

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Energy Efficiency

Implementing a number of energy efficient solutions can benefit your business by reducing costs, reducing the impact on the environment, and helping to ensure that a reliable and secure source of energy is maintained for the future.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Your company is still paying twice for water; once for the water provided to your facility and once for the amount of water you are discharging to the local wastewater treatment facility. Water conservation measures can reduce the amount of water you use as well as your water costs.

Tips for Going Green

Tips for Going Green

So, interested in “going green?” In this section, we provide information about reducing greenhouse gases, implementing Lean, reducing your environmental footprint, and implementing other measures to help your company “go green.”