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Water and Wastewater Regulatory Resources

The following regulatory agencies provide information about water permits and rules that affect businesses in Minnesota.

  • Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES). The agency protects public health and the environment while providing its customers efficient and effective water resources management. It also enforces rules and regulations for industrial waste including solid, liquid, or gaseous substances, which are disposed of in a public sewer in the metropolitan area.
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). The MPCA provides information and regulatory oversight for surface water, ground water, and wastewater.

Stormwater Permit Information

Does your company:

  • Have materials stored outside which can have contact with snow melt or precipitation?
  • Have materials stored near storm drain inlets?
  • Use uncovered or unsealed dumpsters?
  • Have floor drains within the building discharging to a storm drain?

Responding yes to any of these questions means you need to obtain a storm water permit. If none of these apply, you may still need to complete a form certifying that a permit is not required. The following two resources may help you when determining how to best handle your stormwater.

  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permitting Program. The NPDES permits and regulates wastewater discharges to lakes, streams, wetlands and other surface waters. State Disposal System (SDS) permits regulate the construction and operation of wastewater disposal systems, including land treatment systems. Together, NPDES/SDS permits establish specific limits and requirements to protect Minnesota's surface and ground water quality for a variety of uses including drinking water, fishing and recreation.
  • Stormwater Program for Industrial Activity (MPCA). The objective of this permitting program, which is a part of the NPDES, is to reduce the amount of pollution that enters surface and ground water from industrial facilities in the form of stormwater runoff. Permit forms for the NPDES is available on this Web page.







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