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Pollution Prevention for Healthcare Facilities

The primary mission of healthcare facilities is to provide quality care for patients as well as for the health of the community. Working toward this mission can be challenging due to changing economic times, budgets, and staffing shortages.

MnTAP can help your healthcare facility continue working toward your mission by providing assistance for increasing resource efficiency, saving money, and protecting the health of your community.

Hazardous, infectious, pharmaceutical, and solid waste; air emissions; and water pollution can greatly affect the well-being of your community. Additionally, chemicals, including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and disinfectants, that are sent to the sewer system often are not fully treated, resulting in pollutants being discharged to lakes and rivers that provide drinking water.

Implementing pollution prevention and energy efficiency practices can help your facility reduce the amount of waste generated, save money, and support your community and environmental health.

Consumers: for information about disposing of your healthcare waste, click here.

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The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency with MnTAP is assisting medical clinics, dental practices, long-term care facilities, pharmacies, and veterinary practices with hazardous waste compliance and waste reduction. More information.

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