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Hazardous, pharmaceutical, and other regulated wastes

The topic of waste in the healthcare industry is complicated at best. Whether you work at a rural outpatient clinic or a large urban hospital, your facility is likely to generate many of the wastes listed below. The rules and regulations are complex, and MnTAP is committed to helping you understand your responsibilities with regard to federal, state, and county regulations. With the Resource and Recovery Act (RCRA) of 1970, all healthcare facilities must comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules around proper waste disposal. In addition, the state of Minnesota, under the jurisdiction of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), has some of the most stringent hazardous waste laws in the country. For assistance navigating this topic or any others, please call MnTAP’s main phone number at 612-624-1300.

What information can I find from this page?

This page offers information on hazardous and regulated wastes found in healthcare. The list of wastes, and how to handle each, can be found below. MnTAP also offers a waste training toolkit designed for healthcare with downloadable PowerPoints, forms, and information specific to your facility size.

The information on this page is relevant for any business that provides direct patient care. Examples include hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers, outpatient family practice clinics, specialty clinics, dental clinics, veterinarian clinics, imaging and radiology clinics, orthopedic and physical therapy clinics, acupuncturists, chiropractic, clinical laboratories, and stand-alone pharmacies. MnTAP does not provide guidance for medical manufacturers or other healthcare industry partners at this time.

Not the information you were looking for?

You will find resources on waste recycling and reduction on our healthcare waste recycling and reduction webpage. Topics include waste reduction, recycling, beneficial reuse and donation, construction and demolition waste, and organic (food) composting in the healthcare industry. Or you can go back to our healthcare industry homepage for a complete list of topics related to healthcare sustainability.

  Healthcare Hazardous Waste (RCRA Waste)
  Healthcare Universal Waste
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