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Past Issues

The Source issues from 2002 to the present are available online. Recent issues feature the primary stories; however, all stories are available after choosing one of the stories listed. Older issues are available only as PDFs. Issues published prior to 2002 may be obtained by calling MnTAP at 612.624.1300 or 800.24750015.


  • Issue 1: This special issue on degreasing includes success stories, greener products we’ve tested and tips on what to look for when evaluating current products or looking for safer ones. The issue also highlights 2015 success and 2016 projects and the intern program. [PDF 1373KB]


  • Issue 1: Focus on energy and wastewater treatment and other focus areas. [PDF 3715KB]
  • Issue 2: 30th Aniversary and Focus on industrial painting, water conservation, and intern program [PDF 2637KB]


  • Issue 1: Focus on new VOC reduction project and other ongoing initiatives. [PDF 1204KB]
  • Issue 2: Focus on new EPA regulations, water conservation, VOC reduction initiatives, and intern program [PDF 2,551KB]


  • Issue 1: Focus on resource efficiency and special grant funded projects. [PDF 540KB]
  • Issue 2: Special issue focusing on energy projects and initiatives. [PDF 2879KB]


Issue 1: Focus on energy reduction and resource efficiency and team and intern solutions. [PDF 826KB]


Issue 1: Focus on reducing packaging waste in manufacturing and healthcare. [PDF 951KB]

Issue 2: Focus on how MnTAP interns can help your facility reduce waste and save money. [PDF 1.33MB]

Issue 3: Focus on how food processing success stories and new projects at MnTAP. [PDF 950KB]


Issue 1: Focus on pollution prevention and energy efficiency for machining/metal fabrication facilities. [PDF 512KB]

Issue 2: Focus on energy efficiency opportunities for a variety of facilities. [PDF 2MB]

Issue 3: Focus on pollution prevention and energy efficiency for machining/metal fabrication facilities. [PDF 1.13MB]


Issue 1: Focus on financing options and energy efficiency for chemical manufacturers and metal casters. [PDF 253KB]

Issue 2: Focus on pollution prevention and energy efficiency in healthcare facilities. [PDF 486KB]

Issue 3: Focus on interns, green teams, and ultraviolet finishes. [PDF 500KB]


Issue 1: Focus on water reduction project, energy savings, and steam trap testing. [PDF 312KB]

Issue 2: Focus on teams, interns, and site visits that lead to waste reduction, pollution prevention, and cost savings. [PDF 211KB]

Issue 3: Focus on paint and powder coating opportunities as well as the 2009 Paint and Powder Coating Expo. [PDF 217KB]


Issue 1: Focus on pharmaceutical waste and healthcare facilities. [PDF 339KB]

Issue 2: Focus on reducing raw material waste, cleaning chemicals, and energy use. [PDF 280KB]


Issue 1: Focus on boiler efficiency, paint and powder coating, and compressed air leaks. [PDF 346KB]

Issue 2: Focus on laboratory waste, compressed air opportunities, and BOD/TSS loading. [PDF 238KB]

Issue 3: Focus on increasing steam efficiency and reducing defect waste. [PDF 282KB]


Issue 1: Focus on reducing scrap waste and extra supplies. [PDF 298KB]

Issue 2: Focus on celebrating milestones in pollution prevention and materials exchange. [PDF 402KB]


Issue 2: Focus on award-winning programs and companies. [PDF 264KB]


Issue 1: Focus on understanding and reducing water use. [PDF 265KB]

Issue 2: Focus on using water effectively and efficiently. [PDF 227KB]

Issue 3: Focus on energy efficiency in a variety of facilities. [PDF 237KB]


Issue 1: Focus on environmental systems management. [PDF 2.86MB]

Issue 2: Focus on employee training. [PDF 1.2MB]

Issue 3: Focus on making decisions to reduce waste. [PDF 1.5MB]

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